“Beauty is truth's splendour”.


The dream of Porta alla Fonte was inspired by  this idea:  an enchanting country home nestling in the green Tuscan hills, that offers its visitors the pleasures of a true regeneration of body and soul. Located in the medieval hamlet of Massa e Cozzile, a short distance from the historical spa of Montecatini, Porta alla Fonte provides a view into a past when the supremacy of Italian art, history and style was unquestioned.

Materials have been carefully selected for its interiors: grey stone, locally quarried travertine, terracotta and linen fabrics. Its prestigious, sophisticated furnishings are a frame enclosing our ancient heritage, a cosy haven for our dearest things.  The warmth of this intimate dwelling enhances the splendid panorama enjoyable from the comfortable living area, over a limitless view. Lovely Valdinievole, villages dotting the surrounding hills,  ancient monasteries and a ravishing countryside with renowned vineyards, can be admired from the garden.
Porta alla Fonte is the ideal combination of the sublime beauty of nature and the harmony of architecture, where details shape design. Its modern comforts have been inspired by the traditions of rural Tuscany. Elegant Richard Ginori chinaware, soft linens and antique objects - handed down from generation to generation and  lovingly preserved by Roberta's passion, taste and dedication - have harmoniously crafted an unparalleled environment.

The magic of its scents and the charm of its light create the ideal buen retiro for an incredibly enriching and varied stay.


Porta alla Fonte is a walk back to our origins and into our true selves.


Porta alla Fonte is a walk ahead into the future, embraced by our lush past.


Porta alla Fonte is listening to silence.